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I've hit a wall, and I'm not getting sore anymore. How can I get the most out of my B3 workouts?

If you’re looking to take your barre3 practice deeper, we recommend checking out our b3 weekly subscription. This subscription option will give you new content quicker because you will have access to the new weekly workouts. The b3 weekly subscription also gives you access to real-time instructor interaction. The instructor can provide tips and tricks to deepen your practice in real time. A few other features that come with the option are a curated weekly workout plan and posture videos to help you dive deeper into your body.

It may feel counterintuitive, but we also recommend you check out our article on Why We Modify. Modifying the postures doesn’t mean you are doing less work, it just means you are doing it differently. By changing up your practice you might achieve the results you are looking for!

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