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Can you tell me more about your barre3 signature leggings?
Can you tell me more about your barre3 signature leggings?
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Not only are these leggings built for performance as well as comfort, but we made sure we took all the measures to build the right relationships with our manufacturer to create products that are also environmentally friendly.

A Factory Partnership We’re Proud Of: A family-owned garment factory in Colombia. Eighty percent of the employees are single working mothers or heads of households, providing much-needed income for women supporting their families. All employees earn at least minimum wage, and 70% of the employees earn above that. The factory provides important wellness initiatives for the employees, including on-site medical services and routine stretching exercises throughout each day.

Our Eco-Forward Efforts: We were careful to choose a fabric mill with state-of-the-art water treatment and recycling systems, reducing waste by more than 80%. What’s more, sourcing our leggings from the Western Hemisphere helps reduce carbon emissions.

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