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Can you download barre3 online workouts?
Can you download barre3 online workouts?
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This is a great question, yes!

To help, here are the steps below to download offline workouts:

  1. Open or download our barre3 mobile app from the App Store for iOS or from the Google Play Store for Android.

  2. Use your existing barre3 online credentials to log in to the app.

  3. From our selection of workouts, select the workout you would like to download.

  4. On the video’s image, click the button in the top right with the down arrow to download it to your device. Once it has finished downloading, you will see that icon change to a check mark.

  5. You will then find the downloaded workout by clicking the three lines menu in the upper left-hand corner and then selecting "Downloads."

The workout will stay in your downloads folder for 14 days before expiring.

Having issues following the steps above or connecting your account? Message our Customer Support Team by clicking on the chat box in the bottom right of your screen and a Customer Support Advocate would be happy to help!

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