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Barre3 online
Barre3 online
I already have a barre3 subscription. How do I add my gift subscription or promo code?
Do I have to start the subscription that comes in my kit right away?
How do I cancel my subscription?
I have an online subscription, and I redeemed the code in my kit, but it's not showing on my account. What happened?
If I cancel my subscription, will I lose all of my favorites?
How are the online workouts different from classes in studio?
How can I increase the volume?
How do I change the workout video to fullscreen?
How can I improve the quality of the workout video?
Why is my video not playing smoothly on my computer?
How can I stream the workouts to my TV?
Can I do barre3 with an injury?
I’m having problems viewing workouts
How do I change the email associated with my online subscription?
Is it possible to pause my subscription?
What props/equipment do I need for the online workouts?
How do I purchase a gift subscription or B3 shop gift card?
How do I update my billing or credit card information?
If I upgrade my subscription will I get a credit?
If I downgrade my subscription will I get a refund?
Can I cancel at any time?
How do I access the workouts with the subscription kit I just ordered?
Will I be charged after my 14-day free trial ends?
When will I be billed for my subscription?
How do I change the volume of the music in the workout?
Where can I enter my promo code for the online workouts?
What devices does support?
Why didn't I get a workout completion?
I paused my subscription, but now I want to cancel - how do I do that?
Do you offer a student discount for
I can't find the B3 Kitchen, Recipes or Nutrition. Where can I find this?
How often do you publish 60-minute workouts?
How do I log in to
How do I reset my barre3 online password?
How do I track my workouts in the app and online?
I have a code to use on barre3 online, where do I enter it?
How do I adjust or turn off the music in a workout/ how do I turn on closed captioning?
How can I delete my account?
How can I update my credit card on my subscription?
How often do you upload new workouts?
How do I find the newest videos?
I rated my feelings after my workout, but I did it wrong, can I adjust?
What are the online workouts?
Where do I start with barre3 online?
Why is my video not playing on my iPad/iPhone?
How do I opt out of a collection?
My barre3 Online Subscription is currently paused, how do I unpause and access my account?
Do barre3 online subscriptions auto-renew annually?
Do you offer subscription discounts?
Does barre3 online honor subscription refunds?
My barre3 online subscription changed in price, why?
When will I start seeing tax added to my subscription charges?
Why am I being charged a different amount than what I saw advertised?
What if I am on a multi-month subscription plan? 
What if I moved and was incorrectly billed a state sales tax?
Barre3 Community Board Guidelines
How do I login to the barre3 Online App?
Where can I find my favorite workouts in the app?
Can you download barre3 online workouts?
Why is my app asking me to sign up for a new subscription when I have already paid?
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