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Why is my video not playing on my iPad/iPhone?
Why is my video not playing on my iPad/iPhone?
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On mobile devices, you could be experiencing streaming issues if you are watching videos over the mobile connection (3G or 4G rather than 5G of an internet connection). Barre3 workouts require a broadband connection for optimized viewing and we recommend connecting to a wifi connection.

If your internet connection is strong, below is our list of troubleshooting tips that typically resolves our users viewing issues:

  1. Clear cache + cookies (not browsing history)

  2. Please try viewing video via Google Chrome or a different web browser

  3. Please check for extensions in your Safari browser that may block video content (ad blocking, etc.)

If you continue to experience streaming issues, please message our Customer Support Team by clicking on the chat box in the bottom right of your screen for additional assistance.

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