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How do I login to the barre3 Online App?
How do I login to the barre3 Online App?
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With a barre3 online subscription, you can work out freely between our iOS app for mobile and tablet, our Android app, and specific Samsung TVs (2019 - present).

On your mobile device, the first time you open the app, select the option to Login and follow the next steps to access your account as shown below. If you have visited the app or have explored the experience, you can always log in by going to your profile page by clicking the icon in the top right corner and clicking “Login”.

First time user page

Login page

If you are experiencing issues with logging in, please navigate to your device settings and clear the browsing history/cache from the default browser app that you use.

*Note: If pairing your device on Samsung, we recommend using your phone or laptop to pair your device.

If you do not have access once you log in, please message our Customer Support Team by clicking on the chat box in the bottom right of your screen.

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