Truthfully, it depends on the severity and direction of scoliosis. However, our modifications for the lower back and upper shoulder are great for scoliosis, and our focus on alignment and core strength can help protect the spine and limit pain. If you are a studio client with scoliosis, be sure to let your instructor know so they can provide modifications to support you.

Additionally, here are some modifications you can try:

  • Move the spine. The spine is meant to move, so taking gentle twists, side-body leans, and rounding your upper back will help open up the tight muscles. Move slowly and with your breath.

  • ​Child’s Pose is a good stretch for the low back and glutes.

  • Pigeon is good stretch for SI, low-back and hip tightness.

  • Try foam rolling the glutes and using a lacrosse ball for the back

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