We would recommend modifying the workouts to help support the SI Joint. When the body is more balanced, tight and overactive muscles can relax because other muscles are doing their jobs.

Here are some tips for SI:

  • Avoid a lot of external rotation on the hips. Modifying postures like Horse Pose can help take pressure off of the joint. Instead of Horse Pose, try Sumo (less rotation). For Narrow Athletic V, try substituting Power Leg.

  • Avoid a lot of Standing Seat Work. Standing on one leg for a long time requires a stable pelvis. Instead, we’d recommend taking more breaks, moving more slowly, or modifying to All Fours.

Feeling pain during specific postures? Message our Customer Support Team by clicking on the chat box in the bottom right of your screen and our team will connect you with an online trainer that can help provide you with personalized modifications to help support your online practice.

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