Back-pain is very unique to each individual person, however here are few suggestions to try:

  • Pick postures that keep the spine upright. For example, moves that require you to lean forward as you bend your knees require the back muscles of the torso to activate. If these muscles are pulled, they might flare-up. Staying upright can help keep the muscles more relaxed and allow you to focus on your lower body. For example, if Sumo Squats bother your back, you can do Horse Pose instead.

  • Movement in the spine might not feel good for a while. So if we are doing moves that ask you round, extend, lean, or twist, you can either limit the range that you move or opt-out.

  • Drop your weights. Adding this resistance requires more than just your shoulders; it is a load for the whole trunk.

  • Modify any posture with tips here.

  • Add foam rolling into your practice. This can help keep your muscles pliable and willing to move with freedom.

  • Ditch the resistance band. While we LOVE what the band can do for the body, sometimes it can add too much resistance. If it ever causes negative pain, don’t use it.

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