The core includes everything that supports the spine and the pelvis. There are 40+ muscles, and they function best when they work together in a balanced way. It can be hard to reach the side body muscles, but here are some ideas to try:

  • Consider how can you use your core for every posture. For example, when you're in leg work, can you keep your abs firm and spine long? In twists, can you take out the momentum and keep your hips still? Are you breathing in a thoughtful way? All of these techniques will enhance your core work beyond the focused sections of our class.

  • Sometimes less is more in ab work. Your abs are paper-thin muscles and they are meant to support and move the spine as a team. Slow down your movements, focus on breaths, take breaks, and make every rep count.

  • The mid-section is also affected by other factors. Stress, hormones, diet, and sleep can all affect your midsection. Focusing on these areas of your life can equally affect your ability to connect and strengthen your midsection. Connecting with a friend and laughing is also core work.

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