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I tore my ACL. What should I avoid when doing a B3 workout?
I tore my ACL. What should I avoid when doing a B3 workout?
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We definitely recommend working directly with a PT to heal and strengthen the knee joint. Once you are cleared to exercise, you can bring your PT exercises into our workouts. Many of our clients modify the postures or actually do their PT at-home exercises in their barre3 workouts. Since so many of our moves are inspired and tested by PTs, many clients notice that these modifications are simple and easy to integrate.

We do have many online workouts that allow you to strengthen the body without putting pressure on the knees. I would recommend trying 10 minutes at a time and choosing the filters for core and/or total body. Many of these are mat-based and allow you to be kind to your knees.

A lot of PT work with ACL tears involves strengthening balance and the quads, so once you are okay to start exercising again, our workouts will support this effort and are easy to modify for your personal needs. Be sure to check out our modifications for knee pain and bring these into your practice as you continue to strengthen your knees. And, of course, always listen to your body and rest when needed.

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